Special theme appeared first time in the project 15/08/2013


Since 2008 , the Best of Russia project  honestly and fascinating talks about contemporary Russian photography , how they people which live in Russia see their lives and the lives of thousands of people.

After  5 - year anniversary, we decided to continue in this direction , and , at the same time , to expand the scope of the project  creating a multi-faceted and interesting image of our country.

Our news and additional opportunities to participate in the project:

1. Now any citizen of the world can participate in the project.

Russian-speaking foreign photographers can submit through the Russian version of the site. For photographers who do not know Russian language , we have designed an English-language version of the site

2 . Combining two nominations : "People" and " Events  and  everyday life."

Now, this section is called "People . Events . Everyday Life "

3 . The special theme of the project.

We decided to go further and try to formulate an " issue " on the topic , visual reflection which seems curious to explore, relevant, unpredictable and extremely important for the study, which we practice as part of Best of Russia.

We would like to explore different layers mostly not about a person's life, but about personal perception and awareness of various aspects.

Theme of the project is a separate section but not the topic of the whole project.

Each year a special theme of the project will change. Photos sent in a special theme of the project , as well as all others, will be evaluated by the jury.

This year's special theme of the project - " Weddings and Funerals"

The basic conditions for participation in the project remain the same:

Photos should be taken only in Russia

2 . Photos should be taken only for a certain period ( for the project Best of Russia'13 - it's autumn 2012 and autumn 2013 )

You can send your photos till 24th November!