Nominations Best of Russia 2013 15/08/2013


Architecture - this architectural monuments , churches or walls of the ancient city , the streets of the city , modern concrete and glass buildings, ‘anthills’ of sleeping districts , shopping centers. Photos of buildings, decorations of buildings , unexpected angles , colors , tones and geometric details - all this goes to " Architecture" nomination


People . Events . Everyday life .

How was this year for the country: what events were important for each of us? What distinguishes this from the previous year
? What was unique, and what is repeated year after year? Which people are precious to us and which we love : it is well-known personalities , passers-by, close friends ?

News  included in the national media , baby's first steps , portraits , genre pictures,  - all nominated for " People . Events . Everyday Life . "


Style  is what defines our time . The clothes we wear, the  hair-styles and even demeanor in front of the camera - are unique to the era. Style – is a fashion photography , photos in the studio, and projects that tell in modern way about the beauty of the world. It does not matter , they are made in the street or in a studio, using a fancy decorations or in a natural environment. Photos in Style section can be elegant or provocative , but always bright and individual .


Russia is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. We are proud of the beauty of  nature : the landscape of the Altay Mountains and the Volga river
vastness, volcanoes of Kamchatka and the harsh northern tundra of the Arctic Circle , gelid winters, icy sea winds and hot summer.

Landscapes, scenes from the life of the animal and plant world , photographs of natural phenomena - it all fits in the nomination of "Nature"

Special Theme of  Best of Russia'13. " Weddings and Funerals"

Weddings and funerals - two of the most important stages in life. It seems that these two events are the opposite - the joy and sorrow, inspiration and loss . But in fact , both here and there is the mystery of the transition to another life .
No coincidence that there are kept the most archaic traditions : white wedding dress and ceremonial vestments of the deceased , the wedding feast - and wake. But with all these rites of tradition , each is a deeply personal event, it reflects his feelings , doubts , dreams and lifestyles.

Wedding Photography - one of the most common types of photography, including professional . But we want to see first of all, emotional footage , telling personal stories of each person , not just static scenes and production.

Funeral pictures are not as common as wedding - not everyone wants to remember the pain and grief . But one of the functions of photos - leave us a piece of the departed person , the memories of him and a good memory . Therefore, post-mortem photograph - one of the oldest traditions. Pictures of commemoration, clothes of mourners - all of this can be the theme of the photo. We ask photographers as gently as possible to talk about this important rite and try to describe whith the visual language traditions farewell to the departed person.

In these photographs, we would like to see all the different traditions of our country.