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My life
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city Nizhniy Nvgorod
region Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
5 0 1225
title My life

Computer, vk (like fb), foto, messages and notifications, the digitalizing of environment to software transformations is my everyday life.
Note 1
The world of photography changes when it was plates, then film and paper, then digital cameras, and then - programs. The world became digital, the language of logic was replaced by a programming language, intolerance and anger, inequality and physical boundaries, digital people, digital problems disappeared. There, there are no queues and the content will not be issued by coupons, there, we find ourselves, the purity of perception, our reality is no longer an environment. This is my world and my photos.

Note 2
On the left, Jorge Roa's work inspires creativity - on the right is A4, paper, coal.

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